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Welcome to the Clan Inaequalis [Inae] homepage

The clan was founded as a refuge for all players, regardless of their current skill. We want to provide means for players of all leagues to train and improve themselves. Inaequalis is the largest Starcraft 2 clan in Czech republic. It consist of several parts. The core is formed by seasoned SC2 clan war champions, who represent the clan in interclan battles. Next group are apprentices, who gather experience in SC2 academy team. The rest of SC2 section are younglings, who are still working on their play so they can one day represent the clan in glorious battles as well. Players, who just want to play some games in friendly team are also members of this group. Newest part of our clan is League of Legends section.

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To enter the clan, one should register on the forum, activate the account and create a thread with the application using the template. Then it is the clan leaders turn to decide and make a statement regarding the application.